Fun fishing with my Uncle John

My uncle John Klinglehut was in town form D.C. and was eager to get out and do some Bassin’. Being a pretty avid fisherman himself, John had no problem adapting to Minnesota waters. Since he lived so close to the Potomac River I was eager to show him some of the big bass Minnesota has to offer. We headed out Wednesday afternoon and it started out slowly. This is one of my favorite lakes in the metro and being that the lake is so small and in such a relatively public place, I will leave it nameless. We started by throwing topwater frogs on the lily pads. In my mind there is no better way to show a person a good time than hauling giants out of the pads with frogs. The action can be amazing. The problem was that it wasn’t. Well at least not yet. I decided after having very limited action that I would take us to a nice deep weedline that is usually very active with feeding bass. The area is perfect. The weedline starts in about 2 ft. of water and drops quickly to 15 ft. with nice green submerged vegetation all along it. I started John with a Rattle Trap lipless crankbait (sunfish bleeding bait series). I told him to throw it towards the shallow part of the ledge and rip it threw the vegetation to the deep end of the ledge. I started with a jigworm and caught a nice 2 lb. bass right away. John kept getting hits on his lipless crankbait but the fish kept coming unbuttoned. I said to John we should have him throw something with bigger hooks on it so these fish bite and can’t let go. We tied up a Rapala lipless crankbait (bass) with some big trebles on it. On his next cast he caught a giant, and then another, and then another. I don’t remember if he even caught one under 3 while we were on that spot. I cast my jigworm in the same spot and picked one up. After seeing the size of the bass John was bringing in I had to make a switch. The bass weren’t shy they were aggressive. I tied up a Rad’s Chatterbait (green pumpkin) and threaded on a 4 inch Roboworm (Aaron’s Magic) as a trailer. After two casts I boated two at 3 lbs. a piece and another over 4. Once the bite slowed down we headed back to the pads. They were hungry now. After blowing them up in the pads we headed out. We made plans to go out again before John heads back to D.C.

We met up again on the same lake Sunday morning. Today wasn’t as successful for John but I did have one heck of a good day. We pulled up to our same honey hole and I must have caught six or seven bass well over 3 lbs. One after another for about 15 minutes. I was throwing a Stick ‘Em Lure Company 5″ Salty Sinker (green pumpkin and baby bass) on a mojo rig. I would cast the Salty Sinker into about 7 feet of water and slowly drag and bounce the rig on the bottom threw the vegetation. I rigged John up with the same setup and he quickly had a big bass on the line. Unfortunately the fish got off and the bite shut down. Amazing how that works sometimes. Well we finished out our time on the water and John is headed back to D.C. I think I am going to try to fish a B.A.S.S. event down on the Potomac River this winter or spring. I told John if it worked out than I would head down there a week before the event and we can prefish together.

This week I will be real busy getting ready for my upcoming tournaments. On Saturday I will be heading up to Leech Lake for the Minnesota B.A.S.S. Federation Tournament of Champions. I will be up there until Friday, October 7th, than coming home just to head out again back down to Wabasha for the BASSMASTER Weekend Series on the Mississippi River (pools 4 and 5). Two real BIG tournaments that I am hoping to do very well in. I will post my results as soon as I get back! WISH ME LUCK!!

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