Gopher B.A.S.S. Federation Club Tournament

Mississippi River (pool 4) , Wabasha, MN

This tournament I drew partners with Rich Lindgren. We had pre fished pool 4 about 3 weeks back and found some real nice spots for both largemouths and smallmouths. We had decided to take a long run right away in the morning all the way up pool 4 to the mouth of Lake Pepin, were we had really blew up the smallmouths on some great topwater action. Rich and I started quick. We were throwing 14 and 15 inch fish back right away. Rich even threw back a 16 inch smallmouth banking on the fact that we would find the big ones. I caught a nice 15.5 inch smallmouth on a Lucky Craft Sammy (perch). Rich then caught a nice 17 inch largemouth on a Reaction Innovations Barely Legal Vixen (Bone). 10 minutes later I added a nice 3 pound smallmouth on the same Sammy.

After that spot died off, we decided to move on. Rich added 2 more nice ones before deciding we were going to go and hit some backwater slop areas he had found a couple weeks earlier. With about 30 minutes left in the tournament I caught a nice one just shy of 4 lbs working the slop with a Scum Frog (green pumpkin). As we headed back to the weigh in we arrived at the entrance to the ramp and still had a couple minutes. I instantly grabbed my go to rod, a 7’1″ G Loomis GLX, and pitched a 5/16 oz. Jewell Jig (brown) to the bank and started pulling it back. Talk about last minute heroics, I caught my fourth fish a 2 lb. largemouth. Wow!! I weighed in at 11.5 pounds and took second place. Most importantly I finished 3rd my rookie season in the Angler of the Year standings and qualified for next years Federation State Tournament.

I should be busy this next few weeks. I have the B.A.S.S. Federation State Tournament coming up in early September on Leech Lake and I am also planning on fishing the BASSMASTER Weekend Series event on Sep. 9th back in Wabasha on the river. Hopefully my success there will hold up!

Congratulations to Rich Lindgren for his 1st place Angler of the Year finish!

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