Practice for the Mississippi River (pool 5)

I was able to get down to the river last Sunday for a few hours with my wife Bri. Pretty much we went down just to get a feel of the water there. We did catch some fish. But not what I was looking for so my buddy Matt and I decided to go back down and spend the day there. We got there about about 6:45 a.m. and hit the back canals right away. I started catching fish instantly on a Pop R (bone) on the main river inlets and canals. After exploring some of the deep back waters I found what seemed to be a sweet honey hole. It was a great spot. Everything was perfect and in four casts I boated three bass all over 3 lbs. I was throwing frogs onto the top of the pads and it wouldn’t take but 10 seconds. I had fished a lot of other pads during the course of the day with limited success but those were different. I knew I had to get out of there and not hook anymore fish before the tournament. We worked all day exploring and catching nice fish. Leaving I was pretty confident. If the tournament would have been today I would have had at least 15 pounds. That would put me in contention. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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