Practice for Lake Minnetonka

I was able to get out and do some fishing for about three hours today. I am fishing a Extream Team bass tournament on Lake Minnetonka on Friday. Lake Minnetonka has a reputation for some real big largemouths. Big lake with lots of cover. Since the lake is off limits until the tournament I decide to go to a small well known hog spot. I won’t disclose the name of the lake because of how small it is. I had decided earlier that to place well I would have to catch some real big fish so today I worked on shallow heavy cover. A buddy and fellow Gopher Bassmasters member Rich Lindgren showed me the art of the snell knot. What a great knot for this type of fishing. I had 50 lb. Power Pro braid, a 3/0 Reaction Innovations BMF hook with a pegged 3/4 oz. Tru Tungsten Flippin’ Weight and a Tru Tungsten force bead. I texas rigged a 5 in. black and blue pitchin’ plastic. My technique was one that I learned in Florida. I targeted thick vegetation mats. I would simply flip the bait about 15 ft into the air so that it would fall hard enough to punch threw the mat. I knew that I wouldn’t get a lot of bites but I would get quality bites. That I did. I managed to catch only two fish however one was 4 lbs. and the other was 4.5 lbs. Not bad. A bag of those on Friday and I should be a happy man. That snell knot hooked each fish hard right in the roof of their mouth. I highly recommend to everyone to get to know that knot. It will surely help you boat those big bass!

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