BASSMASTER Weekend Series Tournament

Pokegama Lake, Grand Rapids, MN

Today did not start good. I was fishing a point with a Lucky Craft Sammy and on my second cast I noticed a smallmouth chasing some baitfish on the surface. I quickly reeled in my sammy, cocked back and attempted to fling the lure right to the action when on my back swing managed to stick the hook into my calf. Ouch! Those hooks are sharp. After 20 minutes of attempting to get a barbed hook out of my leg I attacked the reeds with my jig on the main lake, just like I had done so successfully Friday night. However it did not this time. I caught nothing but a couple of 10 inch bass. A matter a fact I caught nothing solid until about 9 am when I went to a main island point that dropped very rapidly from 4 ft to 30 ft. Right at about 8 to 20 ft there was a nice rock pile. I threw a mojo rigged Lake Fork plastic craw and let it slowly fall down the slope. That was all it took and I finally started setting some hooks. For the next two hours I managed to fill my limit of five fish and cull once. All smallmouths and one nice 4 pounder! I then went to the river and small weedy lakes that make up the chain and tried doing some flippin’ and froggin’ for a big largemouths to cull a smaller smallmouth. Unfortunately all I did was waste time. I had some success back in there during practice but I guess that pattern was pretty picked over by the other 120 some total anglers that fished this event. After about two hours with only one little largemouth that was to small to cull anyway, I went back to the main lake and tried another similar area to what I had done so well on. After only a few casts I set the hook, another descent smallmouth on a 5/16oz. Jewell Jig (brown) in about 12 ft of water right on the small rock pile. Soon after I boated another nice smallmouth about 3 lbs. on the same jig in the same spot. I knew I was sitting with about 14 pounds and new that wouldn’t be enough and thought if I could cull one more for a bigger fish I would have a small chance. Unfortunately for me that never happened. After it was all said and done I finished with 14.18 lbs. Good enough for 18th place. A respectable finish.

No time to relax though I have a lot of tournaments coming up. August 10th I have a event on Lake Minnetonka. The lake is off limits so I will have to go to similar style lakes to get dialed in. I’m thinking a lot of jigs in the milfoil and skipping docks. We will see!

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