Lake Minnewashta

Today was a hot one. I was supposed to have a guide trip but we canceled due to the heat. So instead I decided to get out and do some fun fishing. I wanted to try out my new Lowrance unit before this weekend. I upgraded from a X102c to a X510c. I use this unit on the deck of my boat. I have to say I was without it for one day and felt completely inadequate. Call me spoiled but I have no idea how they did it back before sonar and GPS. We weren’t able to get to the lake until about 1 o’clock in the afternoon. Right after we launched I got right on my trolling motor. I was surrounded by fields of lily pads and it was mid afternoon. My first choice was my scum frog. I inserted a couple 1/16th oz. bull shot weights inside the lure and began fishing. After about 15 minutes with no blow ups I opted for a 3/8 oz. hand tied Tru Tungsten jig (green pumpkin/brown). I started flippin’ the milfoil edge in front of the pads and caught my first bucketmouth. About 2.5 lbs. Then about 10 minutes later I picked up another 2 pounder doing the same on the jig. My long time friend Matt also had a blow up on his Sumo Frog (lime green) but the fished missed it all together. I saw a nice spot that had some milfoil, pads, and floating scum all on it. There was a real nice pocket right in the middle. I made a perfect cast with my scum frog just beyond the pocket, twitched it twice and pulled it into the open area and WHAM! Nice fish but he missed the frog all together. I threw back there a couple times and nothing. I decided I would give it 10 minutes and go back there with my jig and try to get that fish. After 10 minutes I positioned the boat perfectly, pitched my jig into the pocket and shook it on the bottom. It didn’t take but 30 seconds and I had the nicest fish of the day, 4.5 lbs on the Tru Tungsten jig.

We then went out to the main lake were it was real windy. I picked up my fourth fish, a 3 pounder on a wind swept point with a 3/8 oz. Strike King Premier spinnerbait (white and blue). I remembered what a friend told me once, “when in the wind, white is right”. Well I’m not sure that always worked but it did there. We started to work a nice weedline that started in 2 ft of water and dropped nicely into 20 ft. My buddy Matt quickly caught 4 nice ones between 1 lb. and 3 lbs. on a 1/8 oz. jig worm with a four inch Berkley Power Worm (motor oil). I then caught a descent fish on the same set up. On our way off the water we tried the pads once more and Matt caught his nicest of the day on the Sumo Frog, about 3.5 lbs. All in all it was a good day. It was fun to get out and just fish for bragging rights because now the work begins. On Sunday I am fishing in the BASSMASTER Weekend Series Tournament on Pokegama in Grand Rapids, MN. I will be heading up north Friday morning to get some practice in Friday and Saturday. I will update my practice and my tournament results as soon as I get back. I would like to wish everyone in the Gopher Bassmasters who is competing in this event the best of luck! Lets get ’em!

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